Discover where to deploy cloud servers to achieve the fastest page load times for your website visitors

Improve your website speedPlacing web servers in optimal locations will improve the speed of your site

Mathematically optimisedRemove the guesswork from your network planning

Fast and simpleSubmit data on your website traffic and your optimisation report will be ready in seconds

What our users say

Customer Testimonails

I don’t really know much about servers. I don’t really care where they are located. I do care about my site speed though and if you tell me in one click, where to host my service I’m all in!

Mariann Liimal F STOPP
Customer Testimonails

I liked that I can just upload my traffic data from Google Analytics and in one click already have a clear understanding where to locate my AWS.

Maarten Lemken Scouting EU Regio
Customer Testimonails

Web speed is really important. I can spend a long time on optimising my system, but if my servers are falling behind, I’m still losing sales.

Janis Vegis FINCH IO

How it works

The importance of server location

The longer the user has to wait for your page to load, the higher the chance that he or she will give up on your service. One of the best ways to improve the speed of your website is to host it on servers which are physically close to your end users. Our service identifies the optimal locations to place your web servers in order to get the fastest site speed.

Mathematically optimised

We combine data on your website traffic with information on network speeds between different cities around the globe to calculate the mathematically optimal locations in which to place your servers. This means that your users will benefit from the best possible site speed for any given number of hosting locations.

Fast and simple process

The only requirement for using our service is that you have a Google Analytics account which has been correctly set up to track your website traffic. To get your optimisation report, all you have to do is log in to your Google Analytics account and export a CSV file from the relevant page. This simple process is explained in full on the ‘Get started’ page. After you upload your traffic data, one click and you’ll know your optimal server locations.