We are Network Planner

The smart way to optimise your server locations

Network Planner was born in October 2016 at the Garage48 Open & Big Data Hackathon in Tartu, Estonia. Our service uses data on network latency between different cities kindly supplied by Wonder Network. This is analysed in conjuction with website traffic data from Google Analytics to produce a customised report which identifies the specific cloud data centres where you should host your website in order to achieve the fastest overall page load times.

What is it?

Network Planner is the world's first service specifically designed to identify the optimal locations to host cloud web servers.

Our mission

We want to take the guesswork out of server location planning and make websites faster everywhere. Fast websites mean higher profits and happier customers!

What you get

A simple one-step solution to figure out where best to locate your servers. Just upload your website traffic data to get your customised report.

Our team

The people behind Network Planner
Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Product lead with experience of building a web service from scratch to over 5 million monthly page views
Kevin Kanarbik

Kevin Kanarbik

Data Scientist
A passionate data scientist who loves nothing more than hand-crafting great algorithms
Oskars Gavriševs

Oskars Gavriševs

A talented systems administrator with experience configuring high traffic, high availability web services
Marten Lunge

Marten Lunge

A marketing and and business development specialist with a background in SaaS